Alexander Barton (b. 1982) is a New York based visual artist whose work centers on the perversion of cultural debris and obstructions to the body. Barton deconstructs sacred forms and objectifies the living to celebrate the flattening and reduction of our experience. He arranges a constellation of doubt and futility employing by-product, household material and degradation of forms. Barton earned his MFA from the New York Academy Art (2012) and his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (2004). Over the past decade Barton has exhibited at Anna Nova Gallery, Doppelganger Projects, Triumph Gallery, G.C.A., Outlet Gallery, Flowers Gallery, Orgy Park, Sotheby’s, and Wilkinson Hall. He has been awarded as a President’s Scholar at the New York Academy of Art, an artist in residence at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York City and the Leipzig International Art Programme in Leipzig, Germany. Alexander Barton lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.